The Biggest Little Farm

The Wormgold products are so effective because the nutrition delivery systems provided by the earthworms in Wormgold Pure, Wormgold Plus, and Wormgold Solution replenish the natural biological soil food web that has been destroyed by the commercial farming products and practices.

The movie "The Biggest Little Farm" shows a couple who took a 200 acre farm that is no longer farmable due to the practices and chemical products used for many years. The soil was rock hard, retained no moisture, had high salts build up, and was impossible to grow even a minimal crop. A worm farm was started and used to make earthworm tea.

At the end of 7 years with many struggles, this farm was highly productive.

This movie shows you what can be achieved using the systems designed and provided by the earthworms. California Vermiculture provides this for the farmer, home gardener, landscape contractor, and forestry in an easily usable means.

We highly recommend it1