Woody Almond Growth

Tad Woody 6 month old almonds.jpg

6 months after Worm Gold solution application

Tad Woody 12 month old almonds Oct 2015.jpg

12 months after Worm Gold solution application

Woody Growth Difference Using WGS Oct 2015 copy.jpg

Neighboring field without Worm Gold solution.

Worm Gold difference on blueberries

WGS Difference on Blueberries.jpg
Blueberries with and without WGS copy.jpg

New leaves 2 weeks after first application of Worm Gold solution

Harvested berries the first year. These plants are easily two years ahead of normal growth and yield. 2nd pick blackberries. Giant and delicious. Firm tasty berries with no mold and no pests. Grown with Wormgold Premium Mix and Wormgold Solution. No other input products used.


Fresno Table Grapes

Significant yield increase.

Helm Vineyards ready for harvest  1st year using WGS July 2015.jpg
Helm Vineyards Red Flame Grapes Oct 2015.jpg

Onion Growth Difference

Japanese Agriculture Tested 7 different farms with onions and 13 farms with rice.

The yield increase difference for onions was 400%.


OASTreated Left Brix 10  Standard protocol Brix 3.jpg


WGS Onions Test  Same grow time  WGS Vegetable Left.jpg

Avocados with Salty Water



Burned leaves due to high salts from Colorado River irrigation water.



New leaves 45 days after Worm Gold solution.