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Premium California Wormcastings for improved plant growth and health.

WORMGOLD®, High quality worm castings for improved plant health and growth.

It has been known for more than 100 years that plants can show improved growth when worm castings are applied. Flowers grow bigger and brighter colors, vegetables grow larger and are better tasting. With worm castings orchards produce more fruit and nuts with better taste, and vineyards produce more fruit and higher quality wine. These effects of worm castings have been well documented in the published literature and Wormgold® is dedicated with this website of providing you all the information & research for applied vermiculture.

wormgoldbagsThe WORMGOLD line of products, including WORMGOLD Plus worm castings and WORMGOLD Max, are designed with the best interests of your plants in mind. The California Vermiculture labs, located just north of San Diego, California work to ensure that our products use sustainable practices, using advanced vermiculture to produce only the best worm castings available.

WORMGOLD Plus worm castings have been shown to have a strong positive effect on plant growth and harvest yields.

From Our Blog


homegardening-resultsI am not really skilled with gardening and planted some vegetables for my family in our backyard. The first year was a catastrophe and we could hardly eat anything that I had planted. The second year I decided to use Wormgold wormcastings and I can not thank you enough for what my garden has brought to the table. All vegetables grew very big and plants stayed healthy throughout the season. …
-Jim Marcat, Private
beautifuRosesMy wife and I won a Sheila’s Perfume floribunda rose that was near death. We revived it by applying a layer of Wormgold Plus. 30 Days later this rose was entered into a professional category judged rose contest and won 2nd prize. Robert Tremolini…
-Julie Davis ,
vineyards“I’ve noticed that the vines are a lot greener than they ever have been. We have no leaf margin burn. We’ve tried everything in the book, this is the best results we’ve seen with the WORMGOLD® and WORMGOLD® Premium Mix wormcastings”…
-Ross Hotchkinson, Cline Cellars
"Let wormcastings from WORMGOLD® take your plants to a whole new level."