WORMGOLD Premium Coconut Coir is available in both consumer sized compressed bricks, and larger bales for commercial grower applications. We can also provide a fine grade coir, or a more course grade coir, depending upon what would best meet the needs of specific applications. 

  • The finer grade coir is better suited for plant start mixes and micro green production. Available in bricks, bales, or loose bulk product.
  • The course grade coir is better suited for larger container mixes, soil amendment, worm bedding, and other applications where a fine grade coir is not required.  The course grade coir is only availble in larger bales.

All WORMGOLD Coconut Coir is the finest quality low sodium coir available. WormGold Coir is 100% sourced from INLAND grown trees, and is an all FRESH WATER RINSED product.  This is why our coconut coir is THE FINEST coir available on the market, and has the lowest sodium content you will find. Inland sourced coir is MUCH more expenive than coastal sourced coir for this reason, and is why most vendors only provide partial inland mixed products to try to reduce the sodium content in their products while keeping better profit margins. THEY ALL SAY LOW SODIUM, (there are no regulations regarding what "low sodium" actually means). Test any coir products you find, and compare to our WormGold Coir, and you will see what we mean when we say Low Sodium.