Weeks Bay Letter

Good Morning George,

We just wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you, for your product and support, over the past few years. Coming from a background of farming and landscaping for over 40 years, it has really been eye opening, in the use of organics. I must say, we are not a granola mom and dad group here in the Deep South. Farming has always been a gamble each year and we do the best we can to hedge our bets. We chose to start doing blueberries as a long term investment for our kid’s future. We looked into conventional and we were getting set up in that direction. Before we planted all 50 acres we decided to plant 12 acres only and to give organics a try. So glad we did! And here is why we swear by your Solution, along with the other organic practices we do: 

1.)    Our growth rate on what we planted. (We planted one gallon plants between 12” to 16” high and in 18 months we were looking at the same plants 5’x3’.) TRULY AMAZING! Other farms that had plants in the ground for 2-3 years did not compare to ours, and are now in the process of changing their programs to include your Solution.

2.)    Health of plant. (Our plants had florist grade leaves on them. The best I have seen, little to no fungus at all.)

3.)    Sweetness.   We were getting on our brix count 15s and 16s. People could not believe how good they tasted.

4.)    Last, but the reality of first, $$$$$$! Get this. Our area charges between 1-2 dollars per pound for u-pick berries. We are getting $ 4 per pound all day long and $5.75 for pre pick. Everyone who tasted them loved them and they are coming back for more.

 Again thank you for developing your products and teaching us why they work so well. Keep growing and we will do the same.  


Kirk Hanberg 

 Weeks Bay Plantation

12562 Mary Ann Beach Road

Fairhope, AL 36532