CV Direct Sales

California Vermiculture is establishing direct sales teams throughout the USA.

All CV Regional Managers are listed under the FIND RESELLERS menu item. (below the map)

NOTE: CV Regional Managers/Reps are NOT considered "CV Distributors". 

CV "Distributors" are third party entities that purchase for B2B WHOLESALE SALES, typically serving the garden center/nursery supply industry.  Most CV distributors only provide for pallet bag sales (except for Urban Garden Farms, which also provides bulk materials and equipment sales)


The following regions are currently serviced by CV Regional Sales/Project Managers:

Arizona (Phoenix)

California North (Fresno)

Florida (Tampa)

Michigan (Detroit)

North Carolina (Fayetteville)



Clients in covered sales regions will be assigned to the corrisponding regional manager (or sales team member) for all customer related services.

Contact us if you are interested in becoming a regional manager or sales team member.