Bulk Product Sales Opportunities

WormGold Resellers Can Offer BULK California Vermiculture Products to Customers via Special Order

Offering your customers our WormGold Plus or WormGold Premium Mix is a great way to increase sales, AND be able to offer WormGold products at reduced pricing!

Getting set up to resell our bulk products is EASY to do, and provides a whole new market channel for our resellers.  Potential customers who would be interested in our bulk products include:

  • Larger Home Gardeners
  • Farms and Orchards
  • Landscape professionals
  • Custom Raised Bed Builders/Professionals
  • Sports Fields Managers
  • Local Government & Park Service
  • MORE

Bulk Products Available:

  • 1CY Bulk Totes
  • 2CY Bulk Totes
  • Full Walking-Floor Truckloads (40CY)

Our resellers do not need to keep bulk products in their inventory.  We can ship either to your facility, or directly to the client.  Just log in to your reseller account, place the order for the materials needed, indicate the desired shipping destination.

Be sure to check out using the Purchase Order or Pay with Check method. We will provide the freight cost within 48 hours, and update your invoice to include shipping.  Then simply confirm and pay for your order, and the products will ship out typically within a week.

Benefits of offering WormGold Bulk Products include:

  • Nice profit margins 
  • Easy sales & additional sales directed to your organization via CV
  • Additional sales marketing materials
  • New sales market channels
  • Preferred CV Distributor Status & Pricing
  • Special notation on our "Store Locator" to indicate that YOUR store offers our bulk products
  • NOTE: We do NOT set up bulk distributors within 30 miles of each other. First come, first serve.  This provides a level of exclusivity for our Prefered Distributors, and avoids direct competition with other resellers in your area.