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WormGold Bulk Product Sales Opportunities
WormGold Resellers can now offer BULK WormGold products to clients via SPECIAL ORDER! No need for keeping bulk products in your inventory.
On-Line Freight Quote Requests

We now have our freight quote request system on-line.  To get a current freight quote for wholesale orders, (registered customers only) just go to the product page for the order you would like to place and click the "Request Freight Quote" button.  Fill out all of the required info, and send.  We will get a current freight quote for the quantity of product you are interested in back to you within a couple days. (sometimes even sooner). Any products which require motor freight will be included in the system once we get it all set up.

This new system will make it much easier for our customers to determine what total cost for orders will be more efficiently, and you won't even need to make a phone call to get freight costs for orders.  :-)

Shipping Bags of WormGold Plus Temporarily Suspended
We have temporarily suspended shipping bags of WormGold Plus via the large flat-rate boxes during the Christmas season. SHIPPING WILL RESUME 1/11/16
New eCommerce Website!

Welcome to the new WormGold website!  We have completely rebuilt our website (from the ground up, so to speak) so that we can take on-line orders, and process customer requests and inquiries as efficiently as possible, and also present new cutting edge technologies we are developing as quickly as possible.

Our WormGold Blog will be starting as new (even though we have been conducting business since 1998), but we will now be posting information here regularly to keep all of our activities up to date, so check back often to keep up with what we are doing.  We also will be posting to our California Vermiculture Facebook page as well, so this "social networking" side of the business will be keeping us busy.  :-)

Our company is growing SIGNIFICANTLY these days, so we want to try to keep all of our clients and prospective clients up to date as best possible, and "in the loop" of the amazing things we are accomplishing.

Thanks for visiting us!  We will be publishing a lot of information here soon!